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Photography Workshops in English!

Learn your camera's secrets and take great photos!

With this course you will:
  • Become familiar with those little icons in your camera; in order to get the most out of it.

  • Nurture your creativity, and take that extra step beyond pre-set programmes.

  • a) Learn what is Aperture, shutter speed, ISO, WB, and much more!

  • b) Composition.

  • c) Lighting.

Some of the topics covered in the workshop:

Digital cameras and lenses
How to hold the camera properly
Camera controls
ISO sensitivity
Exposure Compensation
Focal Length and Perspective
Depth of field
Methods of exposure measurement
White Balance
Focus, sharpening, and shooting modes
Basic recommended camera settings
The tripod and its use
The basics of flash photography
Camera accessories

When does it all start?

A) Saturday June 6th. Full day workshop  from 10:00 till 17:30 hrs (lunch not included)

Limited to three people per class!

Price: 2 820 kc

Reserve your spot:
a) Transfer to account 3849855001 / 5500 and send mail notification.

b) Contact me and we will meet in Brno.

Any digital or film camera allowing work in manual or semi-automatic mode(s).

If you are not sure let me know and I can check for you.

Interested in individual lessons, just let me know and we can talk!

Carlos Lopez
Fotografické služby

Provozovatel: Carlos Albeto Lopez Ramos
IČO: 75183331

About the Instructor

I pursued a career in photography from 1998 to 2000 in Peru and step one was earning my degree. Then from 2001 till 2005 I worked in a national daily and then for its magazine. Some of my work can be seen in this link.

After my stint with in magazine photography, I worked as portrait photographer on cruise ships like this:

Traveled all around the Caribbean until 2008, when I came to Brno, so yes, I am an expat. I mostly focus on fine art photography which you can see in this website: 

My approach is to first show you how the camera works and then how to adapt yourself to different light situations and make the most of it. Not need to be concerned too much about your gear: a lot of my photos are done with a camera from 2006! So its not only about the camera!!!

Are you looking for something more advanced?

Send me a message describing your area of interest and I will prepare something for you.

Get in Touch


  • If the student doesn't show up for some reason, to scheduled lesson, no refund will be made. We can agree on another day to compensate the missed class.

  • If I miss a lesson with you, then a refund will be happily made and if you agree, we can meet on any suitable day to make up for the missed class.

  • If you purchase the full workshop and you decide after any amount of lessons that you do not want to continue and you request a refund, no refund will be given.

  • Payment for the workshop is taken in advance, before the first lesson.

  • If the student decides to cancel his/her participation with at least 3 days' notice before the first workshop starts, then a full refund of the reservation or full workshop fee will be given.

  • If the student cancel after later than 3 days before the first workshop starts, the reservation fee (500 kc) is not refunded.

  • If the student cancel within less than 24 hours notice before the workshop begins, then no refund will be made.

  • Some images from your home work or class exercises may be used as student work samples. You retain all your copyright.

  • For any question please contact me on +420 773 228 or use the form above.